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We help entrepreneurs plan, grow, and be resilient.


We help municipalities promote small business economic impact.

Built for small business

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Revby’s mission is to support people on their journey to serve their communities, strengthen their presence, and secure their livelihood.


We work with small business owners who need help on a particular project, a business plan, or ongoing support to get their business up and running. Early-stage businesses in need of direction, planning, and support. Existing businesses in need of growth, change, and support.

We provide personalized coaching and consulting services to solve your day-to-day challenges and achieve your long-term goals as a business owner.
We tailor our services to your needs. Together, we can:​​​​
create or revise your business plan
have brainstorming or problem-solving sessions
enjoy regularly scheduled video-conference calls for dialogue, feedback, and training sessions
maintain peace-of-mind with on-call, virtual access to your dedicated advisor for questions, help with a critical decision or project, or even to share success stories

Food Services & Restaurants

From food trucks to full-service restaurants, Revby’s experienced team of management consultants helps to ensure your food business has a comprehensive plan for building your customer base and brand. Let us work with you to optimize your marketing strategy and management tools, so you can focus on the food that makes your business great!

Retail and eCommerce

Tired of competing on price point? Let Revby show you the ropes of online and retail marketing to help your business generate new sales and convert curious browsers into paying customers. Our team of experienced business professionals has the talent and resources you need to open new revenue streams and keep your business buzzing with activity.

Hair Salons

Your customers’ style can only be as suave as you are; work with Revby’s consulting team to beef up your online presence and establish a marketing strategy that customers won’t be able to forget. Our experience building smart strategies for small businesses will ensure that your calendar is fully booked and your salon is packed with pleased customers.

Health, Wellness & Fitness

Just as your customers come to you to keep their bodies happy and healthy, Revby helps to ensure our health and fitness clients are operating at peak performance. Our skilled team has the knowledge and resources you need to bring your business up to speed and adapt to the changing needs of your customers.

Accommodations & Hospitality

With the economy reopening as the end of the Covid-19 emergency draws near, Revby stands ready to assist hotel and hospitality businesses in driving new customers to your door. Revby’s team of skilled consultants has the knowledge and experience you need to access new customer avenues and draw in more business than ever before.

Arts, Culture & Entertainment

As a creator, your main focus is honing your craft and building an appealing brand that excites and engages your customers. At Revby, we help creators grow their audience by developing robust marketing plans that amplify your online engagement and help your brand reach its fullest potential.

Professional Services

Having trouble breaking through the noise of online competition and local advertising? Your professional services business needs a robust and comprehensive strategy for bringing the right customers to your door. Revby’s team of skilled consultants will connect you with the information and resources you need to make client management a breeze, so you never have to worry about an empty schedule again.

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Revby is a provider for organizations and municipalities that share a mission to support small business economic development, particularly in urban, diverse, low-moderate income (LMI), or otherwise economically distressed neighborhoods. 

We are proud to be a Technical Assistance (TA) provider and Subject Matter Expert for municipalities throughout the US. Current and past projects include the following:
  • City of Boston's Office of Economic Development, Small Business Unit
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Housing and Community Development  
  • County of Arlington, VA – Arlington Economic Development BizLaunch Program
  • County of Barnstable, MA / Cape Cod Commission
  • Town of Arlington, MA – Economic Development
  • Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma City Small Business Continuity Program

Please contact us to learn more about how Revby may partner with your organization to provide TA and other support. 


"What Michael [Revby] is teaching us is not only about salons, but it’s stuff you can apply in any business. The brainstorming activities,  communication, working with people… We think about what we learn and apply to our other businesses as well."

Hair Salon Owner