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Consulting Services for Small Business Owners

We help small business owners gain focus and make better decisions.


Think of us as your ongoing success partner.

Each relationship is guided by our core values of trust, inspiration, empathy, and accountability.

On a Mission

Revby’s mission is to support people on their journey to serve their communities, strengthen their presence, and secure their livelihood.
We believe in entrepreneurship as a powerful vehicle that can drive positive change in our communities, especially those with historically inequitable access to opportunity and leadership models.
All we do is designed to cultivate confidence, accountability, and sustainable success among community-based small business owners.

Revby Membership

Membership to Revby's personalized coaching and business consulting provides small business owners with a trusted success partner for day-to-day and long term goals alike.
  • Kick off membership with help on your business plan.
  • Let Revby facilitate an in-person brainstorming or problem resolution session.
  • Enjoy regularly scheduled video-conference calls for dialogue, feedback, and training.
  • Have peace-of-mind with on-call, virtual access to your dedicated advisor for questions, help with a critical decision or project, or even to share success stories.

Consider us virtually by your side through your work day.


Areas Where We Can Help

Business Plans, Strategy and Operations

  • Create a business plan with the elements that are appropriate for your business type and needs
  • Identify your distinctive capabilities and value

  • Understand your competition and risks to your business

  • Set short-term and long-term goals and metrics

People Management

  • Communication and motivation styles
  • Team building and development
  • Hiring & on-boarding
  • Roles, expectations, and organizational norms

Sales & Customer Loyalty

  • Create sales targets and incentive plans
  • Gain sales technique training
  • Evaluate the experience of your customers and prospects
  • Introduce new customer engagement and retention practices

Marketing Support

  • Brand development
  • Messaging (website, social media, and offline channels)
  • Digital content creation
  • Networking & word-of-mouth marketing

"What Michael [Revby] is teaching us is not only about salons, but it’s stuff you can apply in any business. The brainstorming activities,  communication, working with people… We think about what we learn and apply to our other businesses as well."

Hair Salon Owner /
Serial Entrepreneur

"I refer to what I learn from Revby every day. It’s funny, but the homework that I get after each session keeps me feeling responsible for what I need to do to move forward and make progress. The homework is motivating."

Dentist / New Owner
Private Practice

"[Revby] helped us formulate and articulate a shared vision for our company that was missing before.  My partner and I feel much more on the same page than ever before...we also got clarity on who our customers are versus who we 'thought' they were which was causing us to feel and be stuck."

"I couldn't get my head around a SWOT analysis and exactly how to put together a business plan. Now I get it. Your approach is very visual, usable and definitely something I can follow."

Business Owner


Professional Services Company


Get in touch to learn more!

We know time is the most important resource for a small business owner, so let’s chat for 15 minutes to see how Revby can help you achieve better business outcomes.

Michael Aparicio

Founder and Principal Consultant

​Email: michael@revby.co


Text us on 1-917-319-8576