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Sacrificing Business Growth by Being Too Busy?

Being overworked in America is common; procrastinating is a universal phenomenon. Many small business owners are so busy and overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities that they neglect important steps to grow and in some cases—save their company. “I’m too busy to do that.” Ring a bell? It’s a common thought, phrase and exclamation made by entrepreneurs every day!

Procrastination has long since been thought of as a byproduct of laziness, a habit of putting things off until the last minute or indefinitely. However, researchers have found that we actually procrastinate tasks that give us anxiety or trigger our own insecurities. Additionally, procrastinating often occurs when there isn’t a clear set of actions for a given task, unlike our daily routine, which is second nature and often somewhat mindless.

If you’re constantly drowning in the “I’m too busy” mindset, chances are you’re dealing with insecurity in disguise. First and foremost, acknowledge that you’re only a human being and this is a common conundrum! Being overwhelmed and insecure is familiar to any small business owner, especially since it feels as if the weight of the world—and your company—rests on your shoulders alone. This can replicate a first day at the gym for someone wanting to get back into shape. Which workout machine do you start with first? Where do you even begin?

Invest in time with an advisor, mentor or coach who can help you manage your own process when it comes to important tasks. What another professional can do is help you chart out the mini tasks in manageable chunks so you can feel like you’re taking control of your work and focus on being productive. It’s impossible to do everything alone and even the most successful entrepreneurs find the need to speak with a coach to help them in a problem area. In turn, this allows you to feel empowered about the decisions you’re making, all the while not neglecting important areas of growth for the business at large.

In the end, procrastination is a habit we all face, but when approached with the help of an analytical eye can aid you in moving forward, ultimately forgoing that all-too-common excuse of “I’m too busy.”


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