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Building Trust With Potential Customers Before You Meet Them: Is This Possible?

Have you ever heard the expression “without trust, there is no sale”? Trust is fundamental to establishing new relationships and must be present prior to potential customers taking the plunge to work together, especially when there is a degree of risk in making a choice to give you a try.

Some of us are more trusting than others, meaning customers will require various types of signals in deciding whether you are a trustworthy person. Research shows it is very possible to enable high trust before meeting someone. This is particularly true for businesses that sell online and rely on a large flow of new customers, as well as companies that have yet to develop a well-known brand reputation. First impression cues lay the groundwork for this initial trusting process, so here are a few tips to help you cover your bases.

  • Assess the touch points your potential customers may experience, such as your website homepage, phone greeting and the process by which they inquire about your services. Do all of these relay professionalism, character and integrity? Naturally, these elements make a big impact.

  • Relay emotional cues through photos and videos. A short video clip, for example, can easily relay a chemistry or vibe. This gives an opportunity for people to see you and speak on a topic related to your company or business. This allows people to get to know you before they make email or phone contact. And hey, if you’re a little camera shy when it comes to videos—feel free to integrate employee photos with bios on your website to convey personality and culture!

  • Make sure you have stories or diagrams on your website and/or social media profiles detailing how you interact with customers. This helps people evaluate how well you can do a particular job, the outcomes of those experiences and what it’s like to work with you. Similarly, relaying any organizational affiliations or industry events you’re involved in will convey your position in your line of work.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so work towards ensuring prospective customers feel good about taking that initial leap. After all, it’s only with real trustworthiness that you can cultivate long-lasting business relationships.


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