We help small business owners gain focus, strengthen digital presence, and make better decisions.

We help municipalities build resilience and economic growth among their small business communities.

Revby is a small business technical assistance provider and a business, marketing, and market research consultancy. We also work with small business owners and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, business stages, and locations across the US.

We work with municipalities that share a mission to support entrepreneurial and small business economic development, particularly those with a focus on urban, diverse, low-moderate income (LMI), and/or economically distressed neighborhoods.

Our industry experience includes: retail, food services (e.g. restaurants, bakeries, food trucks), professional services (e.g. accountants, consultants, medical professionals), hospitality & entertainment, and personal services (e.g. hair salons, spas, fitness trainers).

Our core competencies include business and strategic planning, digital marketing (including website and social media development), eCommerce and SaaS technology, and other support to strengthen businesses and communities. We also provide economic development and market research, including retail studies, business mix analysis, and policy best-practices.
Revby’s consultant-level staff have professional experience and graduate level education in their fields. Our team members have language fluency in English, Spanish, and Chinese Mandarin.