Trust Facts Over Feelings

Insights for your new business location



Localized Insights

Do you have a gut feeling about your business location but need facts to back it up? With the help of Location Intelligence solutions, Revby can provide you a wide range of information about:

  • Your potential Customer base
  • Existing Competitors in the market
  • Your Sales potential

Based on your business specifics, Revby offers you:

Competition Maps

We create competitor location maps to help you get a detailed understanding about your competitive landscape, track the number of visits to competitor locations and pinpoint market opportunities.

Market Reports

We provide you with comprehensive market reports based on factors such as demographics, consumer behavior and patterns.


Success Stories

Choosing the right location for your retail business is obviously a task. Revby made it easy for the owner of a grocery store to set up his new location by:

  •  determining the right location based on factors such as the socioeconomic and purchasing behavior &

  • estimating the sales potential, which helped them manage their inventory level and increase efficiency. 

  • What is the spending characteristic for a specific location?
  • What is your potential customers demographics?
  • What does your competitor market look like?

About Location-Based Technology

The engine behind Location Intelligence is Geographic Information System (GIS), a system where variety of data is analyzed and incorporated into visualizations using maps. Based on trillions of data points gathered from GPS devices, demographic aggregations and more, we are able to examine customer characteristics and population demographics in specific locations.


  • Better Decision Making
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Improve Sales and Customer Service

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