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Starting a micro-enterprise or community-based small business, for many, represents a pathway to opportunity, achievement and livelihood. We recognize that community-based entrepreneurship is a powerful force to counter issues like income inequality. However, statistics show that 82% of businesses will fail, often due to insufficient cash flow, lack of market need, or ineffective use of team and resources - all risks that could have been mitigated through a well thought-out business and marketing plan.


This is a staggering statistic considering the abundance of resources, free and paid, at our disposal. Many business owners still struggle with business concepts and decision making to sustain success for their families and communities. Unfortunately, many resources don't always reach businesses outside of the fast-growth, tech startup world. 

Too many resources and traditional consulting models suffer from a design issue, preventing them from being approachable and usable by more small business owners. Business planning support cannot be a one size fits all approach. Our vision is to create a platform designed for and by the community-based small business owner.


Does this problem resonate with you? Are you a small business owner? We'd love to hear from you!


We invite you to share your experiences and feedback on your biggest pain points with business planning resources. Please contact us through the form below. 


We know time is the most important resource for a small business owner, so let’s start with a brief 15 minute chat to see how partnering together can help you and your business. Please send the form below to get started!


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