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Black Lives Matter - A letter from Revby founder, Michael Aparicio


Date: June 3, 2020 5:01 PM UTC-04:00 

Hello Revby Community,

I write to you today after taking an uncomfortable pause, where I’ve spent days trying to process the horrific murders of George FloydBreonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. Their lives and too many Black lives before them have been lost because of persistent, institutionalized racism that plagues our country. I share the pain many of us have been feeling for some time now. I’d like to express clearly that I and the Revby team stand in solidarity with our Black community. While we must condemn all forms of discrimination and consistently work towards a fair and just world for all, we must also recognize the urgency and distinct experience our Black community faces every day. No one should live in fear by simply “being while Black.” Black Lives Matter!


As a gay, Mexican-American, I am no stranger to biased attacks. I’ve endured them throughout my life, in the workplace and in our communities. Just this past Sunday, my husband and I had an encounter with a state trooper while our car was disabled on the highway. We needed help. Instead of getting help, we found ourselves in a situation that quickly escalated uncontrollably and were fearful of the outcome. I’m still shaken from the event, less by what happened to us, more by the thought of where we might be right now if we were Black. We need law enforcement reform, full stop. I see this not as anti-police, rather, as a movement to better the institution of law enforcement on which we rely and need in a civilized society. We must have law enforcement that protects, serves, and values the lives of Black people. We all stand to benefit from a world where this is a new reality.


I defined Revby’s mission with the belief that supporting small businesses owned by people of color and other historically disenfranchised communities is one way we can help address economic inequities and disparities that result from institutionalized racism and biases. These terrible events only push us more toward our mission. But I know this is not enough right now.


I have made a personal donation to Campaign Zero to support efforts to end police violence.


Also, in response to the dual crisis we are facing in the midst of Covid-19, I am extending a period of free 30-minute consulting sessions for a second month into June. If you or a fellow small business owner could use some help or simply need someone to talk to through these tough times, I invite you to set up a time through this link. I also welcome dialogue with our small business owner community to find new ways to support each other through these times. Please reach out. 


I wrap up my message to you today with some resources that may be helpful as we try to find ways to actively contribute, even if we can't be out at peaceful protests and rallies. 


Be well, be safe, and let’s keep ourselves visible and our voices heard!



Michael Aparicio

Founder & Principal Consultant

Revby LLC