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Participate in Boston College's IntEnt Apprenticeship Program with Revby!

Be a part of Revby's efforts to innovate on traditional service models for small businesses. Over the spring, our upcoming objectives include:

  1. Design and conduct a workshop in Boston with a goal for lead generation.

  2. Design a neighborhood roundtable event with a goal to gain feedback on customer need.

  3. Research and create “trust enabling” designs to improve Revby’s online presence (website and social media).

We’ll work collaboratively on each of the items above.

Revby LLC is a startup business coaching and management consulting service with the vision to cultivate confidence, accountability, and sustainable success for community-based small business owners. We at Revby believe in entrepreneurship as a vehicle that can drive positive change in our communities, especially those with historically inequitable access to opportunity, including minority, immigrant, and LGBT communities.


The Revby team is located in the Boston and New York City metro areas. 


Why Revby?

While current resources available to community-based business owners, such as free mentoring and project-based service suppliers, are important and beneficial, they are inherently limited by their lack of immersion in the day-to-day experiences of the business owner in real-time. We believe this is a gap worthy of attention.


Among Revby’s strategic goals is to innovate on traditional service models to increase tangible value on process and outcomes. Our current prototype is a membership model that includes “in the moment” engagement through a mobile-enabled collaboration and chat platform.

To Join, Please RSVP Through the Link

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